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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” -Anatole France

How do I meet the animals?

Paws Up is a 100% foster-based rescue. We do not have a facility where you can meet the animals, so we ask that you start your search for your new family member by filling out an application. You can always meet the animals at our adoption events, but we cannot finalize an adoption without an approved application.


We review all applications, checking for the right fit for the animal. We want this to be a forever relationship so we do our best to avoid mis-matches. If your application fits, then we will arrange a time for your family to meet the animal.


All of our rescues are examined by our Vet, properly vaccinated, tested for parasites, and either spayed or neutered. In their foster homes, our animals learn to trust again along with the basics like learning potty training and living in our house as opposed to a kennel.  We take pride in having a reputation for providing all of our Rescue Animals with the protection and superior care they deserve.

Adoption Fees

Puppies:              $550 (under 1 year)  **Note: This price includes a $100 spay/neuter deposit for dogs whose procedure is pending. We do 

                             not spay/neuter before 4 months of age. When adopting you must agree to bring the dog back for the

                             procedure. To receive the $100 deposit back, you must submit proof of procedure via email.


Young Dogs:       $450 (under 3 years who have already been altered)


Adult Dogs:         $350 (3 - 6 years)​


Senior Dogs:       $250 (6 years and up)

Kittens/Cats:       $200

*We only accept credit or debit at the time of adoption. 

Our adoption fee includes:

  1)   spay/neuter

  2)   microchip

  3)   fecal / heartworm / distemper tests

  4)   deworming 

  5)   species and age appropriate vaccines: rabies / bordetella / distemper (DAPP2) 

  6)   heartworm or feline FIV testing 

  7)   treatment for any pre-existing conditions

Ask us about our special pricing if you are looking to adopt more than one rescue dog.

Adoption Procedures

1. Completely fill out the pre-adoption application. Any missing information may have us moving on to another application.

2. If your application is approved, we will contact you to come meet the animal that you are interested in.

3. If it is a match, you will complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. Please be prepared to take your adopted pet home when you come to meet him/her. Please have a leash/collar/harness or carrier with you.

4. If you have filled out an application and we haven't contacted you within a week, we may have missed your application, the pet may have been adopted by another applicant, or you may have been missing information on your application. You may contact us to find out the status of your application at this time. Please give us a week to process your application before contacting us! We will keep your application on file for 6 months. After that time, you will need to submit another application.

All animals are seen BY APPOINTMENT ONLY or at a scheduled adoption event. Paws Up 4 Rescue is run by volunteers who have jobs in addition to the hours they spend with the rescue dogs. Having an application on file assures us that the potential adopter is really interested in adopting a dog. It also assists us in placing dogs in homes where both the dog and new owners are happy. The application puts you under no obligation to adopt a dog from Paws Up 4 Rescue.

***Please do not set up an appointment to meet the animals until you are ready to take your pet home. If the meeting results in a match, you can take the dog/cat home the same day. We do not hold pets for adopters. Thank you for understanding.***

Terms and Conditions

  • Adopters must be at least 21 years of age

  • Due to past experiences, we no longer adopt young puppies to families with young toddlers.


  • Paws Up 4 Rescue reserves the right to refuse the placement of any animal for any reason. The well-being and safety of the animals come first.


  • Paws Up 4 Rescue requires that all dogs and cats adopted from our organization be treated as family members and thus dwell inside the home.

  • The first step in our process is to complete either a Cat/Dog Adoption Application or Rat/Rabbit Adoption Application.


  • The application is reviewed by our Adoption Committee for approval.


  • A home visit may be required and can be scheduled after the application is accepted.

  • A meeting between your current dogs and the dog you are hoping to adopt is mandatory.


  • Vet references will be checked. 


  • All animals presently in your care must be either spayed or neutered. Proof of procedure may be requested.


  • All animals currently in your care must be current on their vaccinations - proof will be required.  *Some exceptions may apply such as advanced age or medical condition.

  • All dogs currently in your care must be current on their heartworm preventative.


  • If you are renting your home or are in a condo association, we will be checking to verify the pet policy.


  • All members of the household must meet the pet before the application is considered complete and becomes active.


  • In cases of dog adoption, all canine members of the household must also meet the potential new canine family member prior to adoption. 

  • Misrepresentations of the application will automatically disqualify you from adoption.

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