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The number of foster homes is directly proportionate to the number of animals we can save.


It’s that simple. If you agree to provide a foster home, we provide guidance, supplies, and health management. You provide the most important part: tender loving care. 


If you are looking to make a difference and are interested in fostering DOGS or CATS, we can definitely use your help - please read THIS LETTER from rescue Founder, Tana Labuda, then fill out our Foster Application to become a part of this amazing team! 


Paws Up 4 Rescue will supply you with food, crates, and medical care. 


All you have to do is supply the LOVE!​​​

Inspirational quote. There is a bridge that conect the moment when an animal is rescue and the moment when they are embraced by their new family. I am what happens in between. I am the foster.

Your Role as a Foster Family

We carefully match up foster dogs/puppies and cats/kittens with foster parents based on what works for your household. Some people choose to foster a puppy or two, or even a litter; others prefer a small adult dog or a large dog and some prefer adult cats. We work with you to find the best possible match.

Bear in mind that a shelter environment followed by a rescue can be very stressful and traumatic for many animals. In your home they will have a chance to feel safe and secure, to be loved, nurtured, exercised and socialized. We will ask that you crate-train dogs and teach them basic obedience.  

We work hard to find the right home for your foster pet from the moment it is rescued. Foster animals may stay at their temporary homes from a few days to weeks and sometimes even months. It all depends on the animal and the amount of time the foster parent can commit to the process. Foster families may be asked to show their foster animal to potential adopters or make the animal available to be shown at a mobile adoption. Animals must be spayed and neutered prior to final adoption. Young kittens can be altered when they reach 2 pounds, usually at 8-12 weeks. Nice photographs and good web site descriptions from the foster family helps to expedite the adoption process.

Foster Family Responsibilities

Providing care and affection for your foster animal, including socialization, healthy practices, and some basic training (dogs).

We ask that foster dogs are kept on a leash as you learn about their strengths and social skills. Additionally, we ask that foster dogs are not brought to dog parks.

If an animal has behavioral problems, our dog trainer or experienced fosters will work with you to correct them before adoption. 

Spending a little extra time each day playing with your foster pet so that he/she is well socialized when it’s time to move to its forever-home.

Transport the foster animal to vet appointments as scheduled and provide updates on their progress.

Let us know if there are any problems so that we can work with the animal before he/she goes to a permanent home.

Make the animal available for adoptions, adoption events, list them on adoption sites and if needed, help with the adoption process.

Homeless animals come into shelters year round so we are always in need of foster homes. When we take a dog or cat from a shelter, it makes room for the next animal in need. Our foster parents are a critical piece of the rescue process and we are deeply indebted to them for their willingness to welcome new members into their lives. It buys us time to find a new place for the animals to call home.

​​Help make a difference and apply to volunteer today!

There is truly nothing as rewarding in life as knowing you helped to save a life. By fostering, you are saving two lives - the animal you welcome into your home and the one you made space for at the shelter.

Think it will be too hard to let go? If it is, you can always adopt your foster and join the club of foster fails! ​​


We've all done it! Become so attached to the foster and known in our heart that they are in the best possible home that we can't let them go. We support our fosters adopting the animal they know and love.

Community Service Hours

We love connecting people with animals and teaching them about rescuing. If you are a teen who needs community service hours please email Tana Labuda about spending some time at one of our adoption events helping us introduce the dogs and cats to their prospective adopters. We are a 501c3 charity.

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